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All our work is recognized by the Michelin Guide since 1994 and gastronomic trophies among which the 1st place in Lisbon Proof 2006.

We come from a family of Alentejo roots. Who enters our house, enters your house, that's how we wanted it to be and why we exist since 1988, always standing out in the high demand for quality and well-being of our customers.

Come marvel at the unique experiences that will take a culinary journey of discovery. Do private and romantic dining escapades, the taste of our best dishes. Featuring a new look at Alcantara, we have prepared for you a wide selection of typical Portuguese food. If you are looking for a place to meet with friends to enjoy unique moments or to a business lunch, we will not disappoint.

Typical Portuguese food

We assume Portuguese cuisine respecting their ancestral values both in technique and in excellence and freshness of their food.

Our cuisine is made for the best and most demanding customers who love to spend quality time with your friends and family.

We present a series of dishes that are authentic specialties from traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Indulge in a beautiful entrance Pata Negra Bellota, cheese and sausages Lusitanos. Enjoy and taste our delicious fish soup or an amazing Rica Partridge Steamed the Alentejo always accompanied with the best our country's wines and finish with a beautiful Serica d'Elvas with plums or Encharcada Mourao.

Due to the contact that Portugal had with other cultures, this now has a rich and varied cuisine. The many people from different parts of the world influenced the actual cooking, highlighting among them: the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Moors, among others, intensifying even more during the Age of Discovery. Each region has its characteristic that reflects the variety of landscape and heritage, the raw materials available and the variety of uses and customs. From north to south of the country our cuisine is rich in various dishes to satisfy every palate. Our house is no exception, the Alentejo sources led us to choose the most typical and tasty dishes that can imagine, without the need to travel to the Alentejo to taste them.

Business Lunches

To attract those who work or live in the region, our restaurant offers - Monday to Friday - executive lunches with starter, main course and dessert for a fixed price. You can sample great options while performing their business. Our executive lunch menu changes daily, and on Wednesday is likely to delight in our wonderful the Portuguese stew.

We have a highly qualified team permanently at your disposal.

Meet us

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